Sunday, September 7, 2008

recovery drink

I think I finally found the perfect recovery drink. I have to admit that the idea occurred to me before when I was testing Powerbar's recovery potion. I remarked to the sales person that it looked and tasted like chocolate milk. To which she replied, it is like chocolate milk only we add some goodies to it. What those goodies are is anyone's guess. Maybe the sodium? Certainly not the vitamins and trace-elements -now called micronutrients- that everyone is so keen on.

But let me suggest something more wholesome and better: milkshake. Pure and simple. Pour a glass of whole milk and add a scoop or two of ice-cream. Perfect drink. No need to go low-fat on this. I would argue the fat helps. It provides lots of calories and it cuts you appetite in a nice way. So you won't be tempted to scarf down 1,500 calories of carbs.

It has been a long standing tradition to provide ice-cream after century rides. Or sometimes even before the end of century rides, as the Grizzly Peak century always does. Ice cream at the last rest stop (now in Castro Valley and right before another good climb).

But ice-cream and milk is a great idea. Especially chocolate, which must be everyone's favorite flavor after a ride. I know vanilla is the favorite but that is for couch potatoes who never lift a finger. For us hard working athletes, there is nothing that comes close to chocolate.

Here's to recovery! Cheers!

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