Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Boston Marathon

I signed up for the Boston Marathon of 2009. Surely there is no greater race, at least none that I know of. It beats Ironman hands down. Nothing like 26.2 miles of screaming fans to bring you home. I think there were two stretches, less than half a mile each, where only a few fans were lining the road. The rest of the way was three or four thick and making a hell of a racket.

The Boston marathon is like one great traffic jam from Hopkinton to Boston. It carries you along in a huge wave of humanity. It is the ultimate trip with a downtown finish like no other. Some argue only New York is bigger but I can't tell. I've never done New York, but I am considering it for next year. This year would have been great but it is too close to my Arizona Ironman.

Yippee Boston, here I come.

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