Sunday, December 6, 2009


In the true spirit of winter training I am adding volume at moderate intensity. That does not mean I am dabbling or riding slow. But I am not sprinting or doing intervals either. I am just adding the hours (or miles).

Two weeks ago, I rode 10.75 hours. Last week I did 11.25 and this week I added 13.5. That is a total of 35.5 hours on the bike, or a 600 mile equivalent.

I say equivalent because I did not ride all those miles on the road. Some of it I did on my mountain bike, where the average speed is lower, and some of it I did on rollers, where speed is arbitrary.

During the past week I did the following workouts:
-On Monday I rode 30 miles on the road.
-On Tuesday I rode 20 mile on my mountain bike, including some serious climbs
-On Wednesday I ran for 7.25 miles
-On Thursday, 23 miles on the mountain bike, through Redwood Park
-On Friday, rollers for 1:18:00 burning a total of 1,225 calories.
-Saturday, 4 hour ride with Team Specialized Juniors, for a total of 71 miles in Napa Valley
-Today, 2.2 hour ride, 34 miles through Orinda and Moraga and over Pinehurst

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