Saturday, May 22, 2010

Rule number one

For competitive endurance events, rule number one states: check your weight. More than anything else, training plans, expensive gadgets, supplements and all, maintaining a low body weight is the key to success.

Low body weight is key to success in running, cycling, climbing, cross country skiing and other aerobic events. It is less important for swimming as long as you can maintain a good body position -which I postulate is largely a matter of body type.

Since I use this blog to keep track of my workouts, here is my update. I haven't done any since May 7 so this may be a bit long.
On Sat, May 8 I rode 25 miles with Alistair.
On May 9, I rested and watched the Berkeley Hills Road Race.
On Monday I ran 6.5 miles in the hills, in the rain.
On Tuesday I ran 8.6 miles to Montclair and back.
On Wednesday I rode for 1.5 hours.
On Thursday I once again ran 8.6 but it did not go so well this time around.
On Friday I rode the Bear's loop with Pig Farm Hill for a total of 20 miles.
Then on Saturday we went to Grass Valley for the mountain bike league state championships. I rode 7 miles with Annelise on the course.
On Sunday I rode some with Annelise and we went to Sacramento to see the finish of stage 1 of the Tour of California.
Monday was another rainy day and I rode 1:03 on rollers, including 20 minutes at over 325W.
On Tuesday I flew to Boston and swam in the pool for about 1 mile.
On Wednesday I rode 45 min on a stationary bike, and then ran 1 mile at 9 mph on the treadmill.
On Thursday I swam 100 laps in the pool -probably a bit less than a mile.
On Friday I rode the Bears loop plus Pig Farm hill.

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