Saturday, February 26, 2011

Free range ice cream

The big news of the day- well of last night that is- was snow in San Francisco, a phenomenon that hasn't happened for at least 35 years. The weatherman at KTVU was positively giddy. He could barely contain himself. But before you set out with your cross country skis and mittens let me just warn you that that the snow did not stay on the ground. In many places it did not even hit the ground. It was visible as night time flurries from surveillance cameras mounted atop Twin Peaks (at 900ft/275 m) and on the Avenues closest to the ocean. The whole thing looked like the San Francisco version of Paranormal Activity.

And speaking of the paranormal, have you seen the trailer for the new movie Apollo 18? If you've ever wondered why we did not go back to the moon, here is your answer. That is, of course if you believe we went there in the first place.

And while we are on the subject of Blair Witch Projects, I am happy to let you know that a Covent Garden -that is a place in London, England not far from Diagon Alley- ice cream maker Matt O'Connor rolled out a new flavor, called Baby Gaga. Exclaiming, "it's pure, it's natural, it's organic and it's free-range," the ice cream maker revealed that its source was human breast milk collected over the internet. Here you can see it being offered for tasting by appropriately dressed waitresses.

Have some free-range ice cream ladies!
Rumor has it a recovery drink version of Baby Gaga is in the works. It is expected to compete well with Erdinger Alcoholfrei in the adult male masters segment.

Meanwhile, real men braved the rain and cold to compete in the Belgian season opener now known as Omloop Het Nieuwsblad. While not as bad as last year's Kuurne Brussel Kuurne, it was definitely an eventful race. First 2007 winner Pozzato found himself on the wrong side of the guard rails and was forced to jump the fence, and later Langeveld and Flecha displayed some bizarre track moves in the outskirts of Gent before starting a sprint that saw the Dutchman win by millimeters.

The lonely rider on the right is Pozzato, who was forced to cross the median and jump the guardrail

Flecha testing out the sidewalk in Gent
Sebastian Langeveld was in a solo breakaway when last year's winner Juan Antonio Flecha took off after him. Langeveld waited -initially there was confusion and some wondered whether the lack of headphones and radios had caused Langeveld to make a crucial mistake- and the two joined forces 15km from the finish.

Then in the last kilometer they started playing a cat and mouse game that ended with Langeveld initiating  the sprint and keeping Flecha behind him to win by millimeters. The move kept Flecha from doing a Van Petegem by winning the race two years in a row.

Flecha tried but could not pass Langeveld

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