Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The June trip (ster der Vlaamse Ardennen)

The June AC Racing trip is underway. Jim Anderson and six riders (Alex Darville, David Goodman, Andrew Hodges,  Chandler Knop and Rhys Rathbun) left today for Belgium. They will arrive tomorrow morning and be picked up by They will stay at the Chainstay in Oudenaarde. This weekend they will ride two kermesse races (most likely Otegem and Roosdaal). These will be their first races in Belgium and I am curious to see how it will go.

I will join them next Wednesday and the following weekend we will compete in the Ster der Vlaamse Ardennen.
Grabbed these from FaceBook:
Andrew and David leaving Atlanta for Philly and BRU

Chris Wyman leaving LA for BRU

Our next trip will be at the end of June-early July to compete in the Sint-Martinusprijs in Kontich. The race is a UCI 2.1 four day event. As of today I have two riders for that team and two more who are "very interested." Two open slots remain.

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