Friday, February 5, 2010


If you are tired of sunglasses, Nike has just the thing for you: sun-contacts. Nike calls these scary looking things, MaxSight and says they "are distortion-free optics that eliminate glare and enhance contrast."
The advantages are many: "no nosepiece or frame obstruction, and no fogging" after that hard climb. The contraptions block specific wavelengths, so details "pop" off the background. If that sounds scary to you, never mind how scary you will look to your fellow riders.

But if you really want to look cycling-cool and scary, I recommend the following: for less than $150, 9 mm special effects will provide you with these cool looking Trauma A lenses. Now that is worth every penny. Imagine your friends' horror when you tell them you just went on a ride without sunglasses! I am not sure whether these fine optics will eliminate glare and enhance contrast

but I am pretty sure you will get plenty of glares from all the bystanders to make up for it.

If $150 -$149.99 actually- sounds like too much money, or if you feel Trauma A is so 2009, you can always spring $100 for Trauma B. Granted the effect is more subtle, hence the discount no doubt, but I am sure Trauma B will do its part to impress your friends. And all that without any nosepiece
or frame obstruction.

That just reminds me. Apart from looking cool, and reducing glare, sunglasses also provide protection to prevent things like Trauma A and Trauma B. To say nothing of the fact that contacts do predispose to infection and so if you have no real reason for wearing them, maybe you should just stick with the good old-fashioned shades. How's that for a novel idea?

On Monday I rode 2 hours on my mountain bike. On Tuesday, I ran 8.25 in the hills. On Wednesday I dropped off my car for some service in preparation for our trip to Arizona for the Valley of the Sun race. I rode my bike to Walnut Creek in the afternoon to pick up the car for a good 20 mi ride and some stares at the dealership.

Yesterday I rode 40 minutes on rollers and today I rode 35 mi through Orinda and Moraga, just missing the rain.

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