Saturday, January 30, 2010

Returning the treadmill

It is final, the Reebok treadmill is going back. The main reason: it is defective and Icon Health won't service it unless I move it to another location in my house. Who is Icon Health to tell me where to put my stuff? They have the gall to tell me they won't repair a defective item that is less than one month old because they don't want me to have it in my garage? Well, fine, they can have it back.

On Monday I rode 45 minutes on rollers. The seatpost on my Griffen broke and I had the hardest time finding a new one that has a 25 mm diameter. Apparently, they don't make 25 mm seatposts anymore. The one I found, a LOOK Ergopost 2.0 looks great but unfortunately, it flares out near the top and so I can't get it in deep enough to be comfortable. I noticed it as soon as I rode so I decided to take it easy and get some workout in without injuries. That is why I kept it short. Later I was able to order a new USE Alien that is the right size.

On Tuesday I ran 8.8 miles on the now-returned treadmill. Had to stop several times to readjust the roller. On Wednesday I rode 30 mi to the top of Redwood at a pretty hard pace. On Thursday I rode 35 miles, and yesterday I ran for an hour on the treadmill. It was then I decided I had done enough adjusting and messing around and the thing had to go.

Today I ran a 10K up Tunnel Rd. I was able to stay with an obviously very slow cyclist. Still I had to run hard to do it.

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