Sunday, January 24, 2010

Three's a charm

Twice I dressed up for riding on Saturday. Twice I opened the garage door to let my bike out and twice it started raining right then and there. But the third time was a charm. I left the house around 2:00 and rode for 2:30 hours. No rain. It felt really good.

Today I drove Alistair to the Early Bird Criterium in Fremont. There was rain in the forecast and it did rain a bit, but not much. Finally around 2:00 the sky cleared a bit and although it was still cloudy, everything looked fine for a run. I got dressed and ran 10.5 miles, from Ardenwood Circle to Coyote Hills park and then the final 2 miles of the Alameda Creek trail until it hits the Bay.

Going out felt great because there was a mild tail wind and I felt warm and happy. Coming back was a bit more challenging as the wind was now a headwind and it felt quite cold. Nevertheless I was able to time it so I arrived just as the Pro-1-2-3 ended and we could leave.

So far it has remained dry even though there was rain in the forecast. We will see what tonight and tomorrow brings. If all goes well we will stay dry but I am not holding my breath. It seems we are in the middle of a series of rain storms brought about by a minor El Nino event in the Pacific. If so, that could well mean a very wet winter and spring.

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