Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fat chance

Ever since I heard about the Johan Bruyneel letter that the Fat Cyclist (FC) wrote I have been reading his blog. I was impressed with FC's fundraising ability and how quickly he was able to raise over $100K. I even donated $25 to his cause. Not that I expected anything in return. Still, I was a bit surprised yesterday, that when the opportunity presented itself I was blown off in a rather nasty way.

If you read FC's blog you will know that he hooked up with a new girlfriend. She is a runner, and even though he has written tirades against running, he is now running. He is actually training for the Death Valley Trail marathon, something a friend of mine is participating in. So naturally I was curious to read about his progress.

According to the postings, the running is not going as well as expected and several people started doubting his resolve. That is when he launched another one of his fund raising drives. He bet against readers that he would run better than 4:39, a time he set seven years ago. Apparently he did some running before, so you wonder what the anti-run tirade was all about.

Then he posted the following: you can bet against him and whoever loses will donate to LiveStrong, or,

Whichever one of us loses donates that amount at the other’s LiveStrong account — or if you don’t have an account or want to have me donate to another worthy charity of your choice, note that in your comments and we’ll work something out.

There it is: another worthy charity of your choice. So I posted a comment as per his instructions and bet $25 to be donated to Team Cindy for the Brain Aneurysm Foundation. It is not that I object to LiveStrong, but I already donated there so this time I wanted the donation to go to the BAF, a charity that is more in need of funding than LiveStrong. It seemed only fair that he would take up my bet or work something out. That is what he said he would do.

So guess what happened? He deleted my comment. Right, he deleted it. He did not respond, he did not contact me, he did not work something out, he did not reply. He simply deleted it.

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