Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

I totaled 559 hours of exercise in 2009. That is 74 hours less than the year before, and 80 less than in 2007. Maybe I am growing old?

The biggest percentage drop is in swimming, and the reason is obvious. After Ironman Canada I decided to take a break from triathlon for a year. I did not renew my USAT membership and I canceled my pool membership as well. As a result I ended up swimming only 69 hours, versus 99 in 2008 and 109 in 2007. Nevertheless, I made a breakthrough in swimming in 2009 and I set a new PB for the IM swim at 1:18:33. It is the first time I broke 80 minutes.

The biggest absolute drop is in cycling where I went from 398 in 07, to 407 in 08 -when I got a cycling license, to 350 in 09, largely because I did not have a road bike for much of the year. I suspect the drop in total exercise is because I ended up spending most weekends at cycling races with Alistair, and there I was without a bike to race. So, I stood around and then I did something short when I got home instead of spending a few hours on the bike.

I actually ran more in 2009, totaling 139 hours, versus 127 in 08, and 131 in 07. I also set a PB for the marathon, finishing Boston in 3:22:21.

When it comes to Ironman, 2009 was a very slow year. First, Lake Placid was a disaster at over 12 hours due to inadequate training, and then Canada made it even worse, because I ran out of sugar on the bike. Clearly, my heart wasn't in it this time. That is why a break is needed.

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