Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dura Ace to the rescue

Two weeks ago I mentioned how I lost a piece (the preload adjuster nut) of my Easton EC90 crank. I called Easton customer service and they were extremely unhelpful in this matter. I was not too happy. Left with a $700 crank that was out of commission because of a missing piece, I was downright ticked off at Easton.

Then it occurred to me that all these pieces are made in OEM fashion in big factories in Taiwan or China. That meant there had to be other branded parts around that would fit Easton's crank. And sure enough, I did not even have to look very far. It turns out the Dura Ace crank arm fixing bolt FC7800 is a perfect fit. I was able to solve my unsolvable problem for less than $20!

Yesterday I rode 41 miles over Redwood to Morago, to Orinda and back over Grizzly to Skyline.

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