Thursday, March 25, 2010

Swimming in a Vegas Pool

I just got back from Vegas where I was invited to a meeting on CNS drug development. The meeting was held at the Four Seasons, a hotel inside the Mandalay Bay. The meeting was quite interesting and I met a whole bunch of new people there. But it was also very busy and I barely had time to get some exercise in.

That exercise consisted of swimming for 45 minutes in the Four Season's pool. I probably swam about 3/4 of a mile. As it was quite windy and overcast there was nobody there so I got the pool all to myself. I am afraid that my swimming has not improved much since I quit doing it. I am still unable to breathe every other stroke and I still have a very strong preference for breathing on the right.

Other than that the trip was unremarkable. I never left the hotel/resort, which was definitely a first for me, but I guess it is something many people do. Actually I did that once before when I visited Puerto Rico for a meeting and stayed at the Conquistador. But that resort was quite a bit bigger and much more isolated than the Mandalay. In Puerto Rico there was literally nothing nearby.

On Tuesday I did a 24 mile ride. On Wednesday I traveled to Vegas, sat on a 3hr panel, and had dinner with the group. Afterwards we went to Mix a fancy bar with a spectacular view of the Strip (See photo). Today I swam as described.

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