Monday, July 5, 2010

High tech

After 13 yr olds sleeping in oxygen tents, we now have juniors being tested in wind tunnels to optimize their TT performance. What does all this have to do with fitness and health you may ask? If it seems a bit excessive to you, you are not alone. Clearly someone has lost their sense of perspective. But it is hard to see what can be done about it. This is one of those situations where common sense stands alone against an overwhelming array of people who gain financially from perpetuating the madness.

No doubt the bicycle manufacturers, the coaches and the wind tunnel operators like it. The more gadgets the better, as it all drives sales.

It is also something that fits with the national spirit. We are a gadget-loving high tech country after all. And if it gives us an unfair advantage with respect to poorer nations, well that is not a bad thing either apparently.

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