Friday, October 29, 2010

Belgium racing series: an index

I think it is time to bring some order to my posts about Belgium and bike racing in Belgium. So far I have posted 32 articles about Belgium, life in Belgium, how to get there, local customs, and what bike racing in Belgium is like. Here is an overview of those posts:

If you wonder why so many people dream of racing in Europe but never seem to be able to get there, read
Racing in Flanders, and Racing in Flanders continued Racing in Flanders: critical mass, explains why you really should go to Flanders if you want to experience bike racing, especially when you are a junior.  Junior racing in the US tells you why racing here is different and how it can be changed.

It is not hard to organize a trip to Belgium. What you need tells you about the license and documents you need and where to get them. Traveling to Belgium for bike racing explains how to get there, how to ship your bike and what items to pack. Where to stay looks at what cities and regions are best for cycling, and How to get around tells you all you need to know about public transportation and car rentals. I discuss cyclist housing in Belgium as well.

A closer look at the calendar teaches you how to read the WBV calendar on the web, while Liability and medical issues tells you what you should know in case a problem develops.

If you want to know about Belgian laws, habits or understand why some things are different, read Riding a bike in FlandersBelgian cuisine, Shopping or Ordering drinks. These are based on real life experiences of Americans visiting Belgium. They can save you a lot of headache and avoid nasty surprises.

For the better things in life, check out Belgium: haute cuisine, Belgian Beer, More on Beer, and Belgian Cartoons. I will post on chocolate soon.

Enjoy reading.

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