Saturday, October 30, 2010

What else is happening?

I have been focused on racing in Belgium over the past month so you may wonder what else is happening? I no longer use this blog to keep track of my workouts because it was simply too complicated to keep all the different sites updated. I did not give up training though -except for swimming which I no longer do on a regular basis- and I am happy to announce that I am planning some major event in the near future.

I have my sights set on a 50 mile ultramarathon. Just recently I ran another 100k week, only the second time I have done so. Earlier I ran my 100 on a treadmill, but this time around I ran outside in the hills. That means a very hilly one hundred kilometers! I also ran it over six days at a rate of 10.5 miles a day. All went well and I suffered no injuries.

I had planned to run 12 hours in the San Francisco One Day event on October 23, but a severe weather warning kept me back. Turns out to have been a good call. The weather was miserable and the event was a slog for all participants. I would not have minded the rain, but I did not want to run my first ultra in the rain. Too many other variables to consider.

TeamCindy has also been doing well and BAF just announced they have several slots for key events in 2011. They have five for Escape from Alcatraz, five for IM Lake Placid, five for the Nation's triathlon and five for the London Tri. Quite a step up from our very first solo adventure at IM Arizona! Unfortunately I do not think I will participate in any of the events as I plan to spend much of the 2011 season in Belgium for racing. While there I hope to spend a bit more time exploring the bierkroegen.

I will continue my series on things to know about Belgium and racing in Belgium next week. Stay tuned. Also, if you have a minute give me some feedback on what topics you would like me to cover. Thanks for reading.

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Brendon G said...

Hey, I've been reading every post about racing in Belgium and I love it! They're very helpful and informative. I'm planning on going there in March through September for racing. Do you have any info on Visa application, teams, home stays, etc?

Keep up the great work, look forward to reading more!