Monday, May 2, 2011

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There is great news today. I am of course referring to Vino's monster jump in UCI ratings. The former tour contender jumped 21 places to land in the top 10, thereby displacing the lone US entry, Chris Horner. And that on the eve of the infamous Tour of California and that minor Italian race known as the Giro.

The soon-to-be oldest winner of the Tour day France also made headway and is now sitting in the third spot, behind Swiss megastar Cancellara, and none other than Philippe Gilbert, who has won every classic and semi-classic in recent memory.

In other news, I am recruiting juniors for the Ster van de Vlaamse Ardennen, a 2.14. IC NAT, to be held in Belgium, June 11-13. All you eager youngsters take note. While you may have enjoyed the thrill of riding in a 100 man strong Cat whatever field, just remember that 100 masters with a wife and kids and a job on Monday ride very differently from a 200 strong field of invincible, testosterone-soaked 17 and 18 year olds trying to impress their prospective girlfriends. There is simply no comparison. Add to that the narrow roads, the cobblestones, the road furniture, and the steep climbs of the Ronde and you have an explosive mixture that has no equal on this side of the Atlantic -where eager tort lawyers would quickly bankrupt anyone even considering to provide such spectacle.

Here, to whet your appetites, is the course and the profile of the team TT. 10K of pure blood, sweat and tears.

Ster van de Vlaamse Ardennen TT
And in a final note, it appears Bin Laden is dead. But don't hold your breath or think you will now be allowed to bring your water bottle onto the plane. Bin Laden may well be gone, but TSA is here to stay.

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