Friday, May 13, 2011

Stay tuned!

Blogger was down all day yesterday so I could not post. Today I am pretty busy but I will post something later. In the meantime here is some more info on the Ster.

Stage 1 loop, map, elevation and fly-over.
Stage 2 morning TTT, map, elevation and fly-over.
Stage 3 afternoon race, map, elevation and fly-over.
Stage 4 small and large loop, map, elevation and fly-over.

Neo-pro Bart De Clercq won the first mountain stage in the Giro today. He finished ahead of the favorites despite struggling earlier on. Contador finished in 9th position. Menchov was 17th.

Yes it is active!

Also, for more fire works (quite literally that is), the Giro will climb Etna, an active volcano, this Sunday. As if we haven't had enough excitement there (crashes, unpaved roads, etc.).  So much so that Petacchi's legs froze a few centimeters from the finish line yesterday and Ventoso passed him for the win.

Jurgen Van den Broeck meanwhile is now on the UCI doping core list. Stay tuned for another high profile case.

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