Monday, August 10, 2009

Back on the bike

Well, it took almost two weeks to get my bike back from Lake Placid. Furthermore, for some unknown reason -and despite a major overhaul at Placid- the stem and handlebars are creaking like crazy again.

On Friday I rode 30 miles to the top of Redwood and back. I felt pretty tired but OK. On Saturday I rode 90 miles to Livermore and that really got me wasted, but yesterday I managed to ride 40 and feel pretty good. Maybe I need more miles. Anyhow, I decided to take it easy today and swim for about an hour. Unlike other times, I did not swim continuously but instead focused on technique.

I am getting the hang of swimming while breathing every other stroke. As for left breathing, that still needs a lot work and I can't seem to get it right.

Alistair did his first race in Belgium on Sunday and although he got dropped and pulled at 9 laps out of 12, some friends said he did pretty well considering the circumstances. The field was 114 riders. I don't think he has ever ridden in a field like that before. Furthermore, they had to deal with a rather nasty 750 m cobblestone section -another first for him. I have ridden these Belgian cobbles and I can tell you, it ain't fun.

I couldn't resist the nice weather and so I ran a 10K in the hills. Feel fine. Lovely out there!

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