Monday, August 24, 2009


I am done with Tribike Transport, never again. What good is a service if you can't count on them? I packed my bike and I am ready to roll. It wasn't so bad after all and it is cheaper and more convenient in some ways. At least this time, where there are scratches or scuff marks I will know who to blame.

On Wednesday I ran for an hour on the treadmill covering about 7.5 miles. I ran three intervals at 10 mph. First a mile and then two half miles. For me that is pretty hard running. My best mile time is just under 6 minutes, but somehow I find running outside on the track easier than running on the treadmill.

On Thursday I swam for 45 minutes, focusing all my energy on technique, but without much progress. I still can't breathe easily on the left and I still run out of breath when I breathe every other stroke. And that is in an empty pool, calm water... forget about the Ironman laundromat.

On Friday I rode on rollers for 1.2 hours and on Sat I swam once more (same end result). Yesterday I rode 30 miles to the top of Redwood. I went with Barbara and so I rode slow, except for the climbs where I hammered.

Alistair is coming back from Belgium tomorrow. He finally finished a race and placed in the middle of the pack. But overall, the trip was a mixed bag. He was just recovering from a nasty crash in Oregon before he left, and then on August 16, he crashed pretty hard again so that pretty much wrecked his program right there. We will see when he returns.

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