Friday, December 24, 2010

Last minute gift ideas

Here are some last minute ideas for your Christmas shopping list. Don't worry you are not alone in needing to find that last minute present.

Retailers all over the country are bracing for a second black Friday onslaught. What better way to spend your Christmas Eve than to do your patriotic duty and go shopping to rescue the economy?

Here is my list:

For the athlete who has it all (including a power meter) there is sweat analysis, courtesy of Carmichael systems. Move over lactate, VO2 max and threshold power, in come the bodily fluids. I am sure they will throw in a free urine analysis to check for doping if you ask politely enough.

For the athletes who like to impress their prospective girl/boyfriends or the neighbors with their awesome power output, there are a number of power meters, including these beauties.

For those having trouble finding their way out of a paper bag there is an endless list of GPS toys. And for the bikeless runners who might get lost and fall prey to mountain lions, rattlesnakes and killer bees, there are these. Highly recommended for your baby boomer athlete!

Here is a cure for those in the hood suffering from wheelset envy.  If the set exceeds your disposable income, you can always go back to your childhood days and attach playing cards to your spokes.

Other neighborhoods like to show off their lights instead. Here are some great ideas that won't require a second mortgage but are sure to dazzle Wusteria lane.

For those unfortunate enough to be snowed in, there is the revolution trainer from good old Greg. This one will get you ready for the Tourmalet once the white stuff turns to slush.

If your bikes tend to get stolen you can always use these. They are guaranteed to work better than a Kryptonite lock. Not to mention the visual deterrent factor. Take that bike thief-wanna bees!

If you really run out of ideas there is always a box of protein bars or some magic powder at the grocery store. This stuff will surely propel your would-be athlete to the top of the podium.
For those down to earth, nothing works better than a pair of warm socks, or mittens.

As for me, I will be indulging in a Belgian Christmas brew while waiting for my New Year's gifts.

Happy Holidays.

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