Thursday, December 30, 2010

Post crash recovery

It's been almost three weeks since my crash on Pinehurst road. There I suffered a some road rash, a bruised hip, a grade I/II AC (acromio-clavicular) separation and a cracked rib. Now things are finally getting better and I am able to exercise at moderate intensity without too much pain.

AC separation. In Grade 3 the AC ligament that supports your arm is torn.

Although I had trouble walking the night of the crash, my hip problems went away in less than one week. The shoulder still hurts but I regained nearly all movement -albeit with some pain- about a week later. I can move but I cannot sleep on it although now it is quite manageable. Much, much better than the grade III separation I suffered on the right shoulder in 2008.

The ribs are another matter. They hurt very little now, except when I cough or sneeze, but then the pain is pretty bad and it takes time to go away.

At first all I could do in terms of exercise was pedal easily on my rollers. Now I can run or ride relatively well as long as I don't push it too hard or for too long. But even then there will be a dull pain in my chest afterwards and that pain will last for several hours. Although the rib injury is much less painful than a grade III AC separation, what it lacks in intensity, it makes up for in being always there. With a shoulder injury one can find a spot where the pain is hardly noticeable. Not so with ribs. They always move and they are always painful.

More good news: the podium in Bredene today looked like a who's who in cross: Stybar, Nys and Albert. It also appears the snow is gone.

Also, the abbey at Rochefort got damaged by fire, but the beer and the beer brewers (the monks) are OK! That is excellent news for those who love a good Trappist Ale.

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