Sunday, December 19, 2010

Running with a cracked rib

This weekend I found out that running with a cracked rib is a non-starter. It has been almost two weeks since my accident and my ribs felt a lot better so I was eager to go on a short run. Although I can still feel pain when I inhale deeply or when I cough, all in all the pain was moderate (before the run). Not so after my aborted run attempt.

Starting off was painful but I remember from my previous AC separation days that once the adrenalin kicks in things get better and then stay that way for about an hour. So I tried to ignore the pain and kept running hoping the pain would go away. But it did not go away it got worse; nor could I find a position -hard to do with ribs- where the pain was tolerable. It hurt no matter what. I had to abandon my endeavor.
All taped up and ready to roll...

Before the run I had taped up my shoulder because I found that that helps a little bit. But my shoulder was not the problem this time around. The AC separation is only a grade I or II, not the grade III that I suffered on the other side a few years ago. In any case, the rib pain quickly overshadowed everything and put an end to my attempt. After the "run" I taped my ribs and found that that helps a little too. Maybe it is just drawing my attention away from the injury--one does sense the tape on the skin- but it does appear to help a bit.

I guess I will have to take it easy for a while longer.

Meanwhile I had some more experiences with the famed US healthcare system -this time under the guise of a large HMO. Try to get a simple prescription refill. My package of dangerous vicodin says no refills but my doctor had assured me that this was just standard for this type of medication and that I could just call in and have it filled if I needed it.

It is not as easy as that. So far I have called three times and made no headway. It seems nothing can be achieved here without spending hours on the phone, listening to muzak and stupid messages, and being put on hold time after time. It really should not be that hard to get basic healthcare. In Europe I would have just walked into a pharmacy and bought the extra pills.

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