Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A brief update

Leon van Bon and Danny Stam took the win at Rotterdam, where Keisse and De Ketele ended up in second place. So far UCI has not said much although they stated earlier they would not recognize the Belgian duo's result. As for Keisse, the battle continues now that Bremen, next stop on the tour has said no to him. The rider started another emergency legal procedure and we all anxiously await the court's decision.

Meanwhile the mass delusions continue in this country as well. Many have called for all citizens to be armed to avoid the type of massacre that occurred in Tucson over the weekend. America's addiction to guns runs very deep so statements like these no longer surprise anyone here. As a matter of fact they are expected. Any alcoholic will tell you that the best cure for a hangover is another drink. Not drinking is simply not an option.

bankers at lunch

At the same time the bankers tell their audiences that banks are not to blame for the crisis. And that the poor today are not as poor as the poor of the last century. As a matter of fact, we were told by the CEO of one of the largest banks in the country that the poor now have houses, SUV's and flat screen TVs. So why worry? If the poor have money and shootings happen because not everyone has a gun, all should be fine?

Explaining the crisis

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