Saturday, January 15, 2011

Core values

This week I received a paper copy of my November 19 deposition. The weighty volume is a transcript of my day-long testimony in a lawsuit that revolves around a patent issue that I know nothing about. One of the lawyers told me afterwards it was a big waste of everyone's time. Not to mention a waste of all the trees that were cut down to produce this hefty volume in thousandfold.

Lots of paper
Now I am supposed to spend another day reading through all of it to make sure my testimony is correct. Not once did we talk about the actual complaint because, as I mentioned before, I knew nothing about the matter. My compensation for all this trouble ? $35 to pay for gas and parking.

Today felt like summer. The temperature was 20C/68F and the sun was out all day. We went on a long ride in Marin county, climbing Mt Tamalpais (affectionately known as Mt Tam) twice. The views coming down into Stinson beach were spectacular. Here is a picture (taken on New Year's eve in the late afternoon) of those views. Only today the sky was bright blue and it was sunny and warm.

Road to Stinson Beach
Meanwhile, most of the country is busy snow shoveling, a cardio workout that is not only very strenuous but also rather dangerous and injury prone. But if you are not snow shoveling, you are probably riding your trainer for hours on end, an activity that is both mind numbing and unpleasantly sweaty. Or maybe you go to gym for your core workouts or to do some yoga and stretching.

Well, I have good news for you. Now there is the ballbike. (You may want to set your computer to mute before you open this link.) In any case, after you do so, it behooves you to take a look at this marvel, that elegantly combines core exercises with pedaling. If you are one of those people who believes it is important to strengthen your core, this contraption may well be a godsend for you.

Forget the Lemond Revolution, here comes the ballbike
According to the website, the marvelous invention is sure to produce that six-pack that all cyclists secretly long for- just in time for summer.

Cyclist six pack

Although it may be exciting to try the ballbike at a trade-show, I for one, would stick with a conventional trainer. Or better still, rollers. Although the sensual wiggling motions of the ballbikers may evoke images of a stronger core, I can assure you that riding rollers will be of much greater benefit to both your fitness and your bike handling skills. As for core, leave that to the dancers and gymnasts.

Core Strength

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