Friday, November 19, 2010

Rest day

Today I took a day off. Several things came together to make today an ideal rest day. First the weather turned ugly this morning and it started raining. Next, I came off a pretty good week of riding and was in need of some R&R. And finally, I was subpoenaed to make a deposition in a court case and it ended up taking all day. I just got back home at 4:30 after answering questions all day trying to remember events that happened more than 3 years ago.

Yesterday I did a power test on my triathlon bike that is mounted on rollers. I managed to get an FTP (functional threshold power) of 305W, a bit down from where I normally am. But after a week of hard riding that is perhaps not surprising. There was surely some residual tiredness. I tried to ride a 2X20 @315  but had to settle for 300W instead. On top of it I had stop the second interval at 10 minutes because of pain in my legs. I did continue to ride for another 40 minutes, occasionally hitting 310 for a few minutes and then rest a bit. I ended up with a 265W NP for the entire ride (warm-up and cool-down included).

This weekend I hope to finish my power licensing exam and then hopefully before year-end I will get my license. I keep struggling with the WKO+ windows software and boy am I glad I use a Mac! There is just such a huge difference. Windows users must have an exceptional amount of tolerance for poorly written software. I could never imagine a mac application like it.

It is not so much that WKO does not work, or that it does not work properly or accurately. It is more that the user interface is problematic and non-intuitive; that essential information is hidden in the weirdest places; that it is nearly impossible to use without reading manuals or having someone show you; and that the displays may or may not show the stuff you intend to show. It is klutzy at best, frustrating all the time, and downright deceptive at worst. I guess that is what you get when engineers write code.

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