Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

We went on a ride with AC this morning in Marin, nothing short of spectacular! Wonderful scenery, sunny, but quite chilly.

I wish everyone a great holiday. Here is a brew you may want to sample. Affligem, an abbey beer brewed under license. The abbey at Affligem was founded in 1074 and was brewing in 1574 according to Wikipedia, but the beer is now brewed under license by the Op-Ale brewery. As a kid we used to drink table-beer from that brewery. These days it is owned by Heineken International and was renamed the Affligem brewery. It is also known as Brouwerij Desmedt in Opwijk.

So what do I think of a dark Abbey beer that isn't brewed near Brussels by a company owned by the Dutch?? Well, it wasn't bad. I am sure the aficionados of dark beer would like it. It got A-'s from some and B+'s from others. Not tops, but not too shabby.

For my taste, not crisp enough, too thick really, but the dryness helped. It worked well with the pizza. And some say it tastes malty with tones of biscuits and candied fruit. Affligem have a blonde and I will try that one if I can find it here in the US.

Affligem Dubbel

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