Friday, November 5, 2010

Power clinic

I am off to San Diego this weekend for a USAC power clinic. The clinic is a two day event to be followed by an exam, after which I will be entitled "to coach with power." Certifying coaches to coach with power is a big driver for USAC. I think they see it as a great opportunity for coaches to bring in extra revenue. In that sense it is no different from getting one's ECG certification as a physician. I still remember those days!

I have had a power meter for several years now and I had ample time to work with power devices both using myself, my son, and a few clients as guinea pigs. I think I have learned a lot about what can and can't be done with power meters and where their application is most useful. As usual I took time to double check my results to make sure the numbers are consistent. I have also tracked my power output during the bike leg of several IM races. All that has -I think- given me a good feel for the devices and their application. I am therefore quite interested in seeing what the experts think.

I am also planning to test something else. In my post on tubeless tires last week I mentioned liquid sloshing around, which evoked a comment from a reader. That made me think. Did I fall victim to the same preconceived notions I was warning people about? Can you really feel liquid sloshing around in tires? It is definitely worth testing and I plan to begin doing so as early as next week. I will fill some tires with the recommended amount of sealant and see if I -or anyone else- can detect its presence while riding. Stay tuned for yet another update on tubeless tires soon!

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