Monday, November 29, 2010

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday was coined by the American Retail Association, an organization that exists to promote the relentless consumption that is the main driver of our economy. True to that organization's throw-away frame of mind it now appears the label, which was coined as recently as 2005, is ready for the garbage can. Not too long ago, when high speed internet access, the pre-requisite for online shopping, was the exclusive domain of businesses people had to wait until they returned to work the Monday after Thanksgiving to unleash their online buying sprees. Now that everyone has a smartphone, shopping holidays like the infamous Black Friday, are heading to the landfill faster than the consumer goods they intend to promote.

Meanwhile here in Northern California, we were hit by a number of nasty storms, interspersed with sunny but cold days and borderline freezing night time temperatures. The rapidly changing weather makes training a challenge for those of us accustomed to warmer climes.
The view from the back porch, 11/29 @10AM

That said, anyone who takes a cycling career seriously will not be deterred by this weather. As the foreseeable future of cycling remains in Europe, our climate is downright balmy and tropical by comparison. Apart from a few vicious storms, when driving is next to impossible so let alone riding, we have year-round cycling weather here in Berkeley.

That said, I think I am going to go on a ride right now!

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