Monday, April 6, 2009

Five hour energy

Have you seen those new ads, proclaiming five hour energy with only four calories? Let's see, four calories is about 3 minutes worth of energy. That means you, the buyer are four hours and fifty seven minutes short. 

I guess now you will tell me you do get a boost from that little bottle? That may well be true. There is about as much caffeine in the bottle as in a regular cup of coffee. As for the decaf version of five hour energy? Well, now you are on your own, this is as placebo as they come. 

What about the other ingredients you ask? Well, a bit of vitamin B and some amino acids isn't going to make a difference one way or another.

If you need five hours worth energy, how about a serious meal?

Some updates:
Thursday an 8.5 mile run up Broadway Terrace
Friday, an Ironman distance swim
Saturday, a 42 mile ride to Castro Valley
Sunday, I went to the Napa Valley Dirt Classic with Alistair. I didn't race but I rode a little bit. Afterwards I swam 1.25 miles.
Today I ran 8.7 miles on the backside trail.

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