Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tommeke threepeat

An impressive third victory for Tom Boonen in Paris-Roubaix today. He devastated the field, rode everyone off his wheel. Spectacular racing if I ever saw some. You can see parts on under wielrennen (cycling).

I ran 14 miles today, a long loop out to Montclair to Joaquin Miller. Up JM to Skyline and then back home. A lot of climbing to be sure. Took 2:11 approximately. Boston, I am ready.

Yesterday I rode 35.5 miles on the Specialized after we came home from Copperopolis, where Alistair got 4th place. It was also the first time I beat someone down Wildcat--and a good rider too! 
On Friday I rode 42 to Castro Valley and back. I hit 269NP watts on my ergomo. (The NP is proprietary algorithm to account for intensity. I find it works well to predict how much effort I put in. 269 is one of the highest readings I ever scored for the distance).

Thursday I ran 7 miles in the rain. Not fun, but good prep for Boston I guess. And on Wednesday I swam 160 laps fast (approx. 3,000 meters). Tuesday 1:15 minutes on rollers, burning approximately 1,155 calories (It rained).

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