Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's a macho thing....

Well, I guess I should have known! After some internet discussions and a bit of web browsing it suddenly became apparent that there are plenty of velcro shoes for women and children. There are even running shoes for women -but not men- with velcro closures.

Real men don't wear velcro!

That is my conclusion after reading several threads of internet discussions. Velcros are for whimps. They come loose and provide a "sloppy" fit. Never mind those cyclists, who as I said before, put a whole lot more stress on the uppers of their shoes, wearing velcro! Cyclists shave their legs so they are sissies ("girlie-men") in any case.

Well let it be said. Velcros are superior to laces. They are faster. They are easier to adjust and they never, ever come loose, but laces do!!

They are so much better than "speed-laces" or other lace-like contraptions that have limited durability and shelf life.

Three of my four pairs of Nike Air Kukini's are worn through, some quite badly so, but the velcro closures are intact and function as nicely and as easily as the day I bought the shoes. The uppers on the other hand are torn, the soles are eroded away, and the rubber is gone in many places. But the velcro's are pristine. So pristine that I have considered removing them and stitching them onto a new pair of running shoes.

If you manufacture shoes, listen to us velcro-lovers. There are many of us out there. We are not afraid to be called sissies. We know velcro is better, faster, easier. Let's do away with the bonds that bind and replace them with 21st century technology. VELCRO.

8.25 miles in the hills today. Slight pain in right calf. Injured on the treadmill a few days ago.

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