Friday, June 12, 2009

A dull and boring week

I can't say I enjoyed this week much. The weather was so-so, cold, overcast and generally miserable. Temperatures below average, drizzly nights, and fog-ridden days. It felt like winter. I ended up spending most of the week indoors, hiding from nature.

On Monday I rode 1:15 on rollers burning 1,133 calories in the process. On Tuesday I tried another long run on the treadmill, but I could not keep going at 8 mph without taking a break. I ended up running for about 1:35 and covering 12 miles, but I stopped twice. Later that day, I felt like I was getting a cold. Not good.

On Wednesday I swam 2.5 miles in two sessions. In the morning I swam 120 laps, pretty fast, and in the afternoon I took the kids to the pool and swam another 100 laps, for a total of 220 or 2.5 miles.

Yesterday things were a bit better and I rode for 1:25 on rollers, burning 1,331 calories. I spent most of my time putting out in excess of 250W. That was better.

Today is another miserable day, but I decided to go out anyways. I rode 20 miles on my mountain bike, now outfitted with new Hutchinson tires. The ride went very well and I felt pretty good.

Hopefully, next week will be warmer and sunnier.

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