Monday, June 15, 2009

Serious cycling

Saturday we rode over to Diablo, the North Entrance in Walnut Creek. Unfortunately there is no real nice way to get there from here. We had to ride for several blocks on Ignacio Valley Rd. a thoroughfare to redneck country. It was obvious that the people there did not appreciate our presence on "their highway." One truck driving guy, obviously disturbed by cyclists on the road, stuck his head out and yelled, "Get the f@$#k of the road." Of course we didn't. What were we supposed to do? We pay taxes too.

If the city of Walnut Creek had any environmental concern whatsoever, they would turn one of those three lanes into a wide bike lane. Instead they post little signs reading, "Cyclists Ok to use sidewalk." Why would I ride on a sidewalk?

We rode halfway up Diablo to the junction, Alistair flying like a banshee, and I following up in the rear -I did catch a few guys though- using no smaller than a 39/19. Turned out both large cogs (21-23) were sufficiently worn I could not ride them. While Bernard Hinault believes you can climb trees with a 39/19, I beg to differ. But I did make it up there in reasonable time.

We went down the South Side, where you only have to ride a brief section on unfriendly terrain -this time overly rich folks from Blackhawk whizzing by in their Porsches- and from there to home. 66 miles of riding, 4 hours.

On Sunday I was pretty tired so I swam 162 laps instead. Alistair went on a two hour ride.

Today, I went down memory lane, joining the LLL Cyclotrons on their Monday ride. The Monday ride leaves at the "the Lab" and goes over Altamont to Midway and then back over Patterson Pass. Once again, Alistair flew over Patterson, leaving everyone behind, while I contented myself riding with Ken in the B group. Patterson on a 39/19 was no fun either. It was great nonetheless and I beat everyone over Midway. That made me feel good.

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