Friday, June 5, 2009


Alistair has a time-trial this weekend so we focused on riding on rollers this week. I rode on Sunday, on Wednesday and once again on Thursday. The above graph is from Thursday's session. I rode pretty hard for about 56 minutes and then took a little break (see the drop in power and the slight dip in cadence). The first 56 minute were recorded in aero position and the goal here was to keep my pace and output steady. After the break I pedaled some more sitting upright -which is a whole lot easier- and using a smaller gear. My cadence stays the same pretty much throughout. I burned 1,111 calories on that ride.

Wednesday's ride was a bit longer but my power output was slightly less. I burned 1,001 calories then.  On Sunday I rode hard for 30 minutes and took it easy the rest of the time. All riding was done in a pretty warm garage (72 ambient). The heat stress is part of the training for me as most ironman races take place in hot environments.

On Tuesday I ran on the treadmill for 1.5 hours keeping my speed at 8.1 mph after a short warmup. My overall average was 8 mph and I finished 12 miles with a few seconds to go. Most of it I ran at an inclination of 0.5. Since my treadmill broke, I run at the club, where the ambient temperature is always well above average (74-75) and cooling is hard to find.

On Monday, I swam slightly more than 2 miles (180 laps) in 1:15, all freestyle. That is slightly slower than my (very slow) "race pace."

The fundraising for Lake Placid is going a whole lot slower than I thought it would. I have sent out almost as many requests as I did for Arizona, with very little to show for it. I guess the economy is taking its toll.

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