Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Some numbers

Today I ran 10.5 miles in the hills. My right calf was a bit sore but other than that I had no problems. I put some ROCKTAPE on and will see how it works. I have been testing ROCKTAPE for a while and it appears to help (although I cannot rule out the placebo effect of course).

Here are some PR's (or PB's if you prefer), that give some idea of my performance/progress:

Best marathon: 3:22:21. Boston 2009. Every time I get better and I feel I can do even better. Maybe a 3:15 is in the cards---if all goes well.

For a long time I was stuck at >3:35 and well >> 4:30 in the Ironman marathon. Then in Coeur d'Alene, 2007, I finally figured out how to run marathons. I ran a 4:17:38 there, followed by a 4:00:34 in Penticton in August. Later that year I ran 3:28:19 at CIM in Folsom, and qualified for Boston.

Best ironman: 11:04:55. Tempe Arizona 2008. My swim is the problem, but in Arizona I also had cramps and my run time was slower than Canada, where the marathon is much harder. So I think a 10:50 is doable. I would love to break 11:00 one day.

Best Ironman bike: 5:21:04. Tempe, Arizona 2008.
Best Ironman run: 4:00:34. Penticton, Canada 2007.

Best half-marathon: 1:34:00. Primo's Run 2003. I have not run a half for a while. I am sure I would run faster now. It would be nice to try and break 1:30.

Best half-ironman: 5:11:31. Big Kahuna 2004. Not sure I can improve on this. It was one super-Kahuna in 2004.

Best 2.4 mile swim (wetsuit): 1:20:50. Catfish 2004.

I seem to be stuck at 1:20-1:25. I swam 1:22:54 in Arizona '07, 1:22:34 in '08 and I did a 1:22:54 in Canada '07. In 2006 I swam 1:23:39 in Switzerland.

I swam a 1:23:48 in the Catfish '05 in the non-wetsuit category.

Fitness-wise I "should" be able to swim a 1:00 or 1:05 ironman distance, but don't hold your breath. If I ever did, I would qualify for Hawaii with time to spare.

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