Friday, December 12, 2008

First run

This morning I went for a real run, outside. It is the first run since the Ironman and my subsequent injury on the treadmill. The pain in my calf was more or less gone, the weather was nice and relatively warm, and so I had to try it.

I ran my usual neighborhood loop, around Grandview and Gravatt, then up to Grizzly to Skyline. I normally add some extras but today I opted for a more cautious approach. I also planned to return on Grizzly instead of going down Skyline and Tunnel and then climbing Buckingham. 

All went well for the first 4.75 miles. Then at the turnaround, my leg became moderately painful. It had been building slowly and I could tell, but now I reached some threshold of discomfort. The return trip has a slight incline and I could feel it. Nevertheless I was more or less OK until the next bump and then some more relief until the final one.

Coming home down Marlborough things were becoming distinctly painful. At the last little uphill where Buckingham meets Bristol, I actually started limping a bit, but it wasn't too bad and I kept running until the very end. 

7.5 miles of hills, about 1hr15. Some time in the hot tub this afternoon, but the pain is back anyhow. Maybe more rest is needed?

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