Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is considered the unofficial start of summer. This year, it felt more like winter. There was fog all day on Saturday and Sunday, and temperatures dropped into the low 50s. Not fun. On Sunday I went to the club and ran for 1hr on the treadmill. I ran 8.3 miles, which is about as far as I have ever run on a treadmill in one hour.

On Monday, the weather was better and I rode 30 miles to the top of Redwood road. I averaged a normalized power (NP) of 288, one of the highest NP readings ever. I rode quite hard.

On Tuesday I ran for 9.3 miles on the trails around Grizzly Peak. First I ran up to the "Steam Trains" and then back down and on the backside trail to Sibley. From there I went home over Grizzly Peak Blvd. The weather was much better and it felt quite good to be out.

Today I swam 160 laps in the pool.

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