Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mendes Criterium Pleasanton

I had a good time on Saturday at the Joseph Mendes Criterium in Pleasanton. Although I was never much of a criterium rider, and although I don't train for this sort of intense burst activity, I managed to do pretty well in the 45/55 masters. I stayed in the pack until the very end and that was more than I had hoped for. A decent showing I would say.

It was my first race of the year, as I have been without road bike since my Merckx frame broke last November. Last year I applied for a cycling license so I can race when I drive Alistair to his events. Since he races nearly every weekend, that worked out just fine. I can race too and so I don't have to stand around for hours. In general, I aim to get a good workout, while trying to avoid crashes or other mayhem.

This year things did not work that well. Without a road bike, there are no races to be had. Saturday was different because the Junior race was hours before the Masters event so I could use Alistair's Specialized. He rides a 56 and that works well for me. Most "experts" would say it is a bit too small, but I like the more upright position. It helps my back although I do pay a price in the aero department.

During the crit, I had to move up in the pack on the backstretch on every lap because I would lose a few spots on the tighter turns closer to the finish line. My line is not optimal and I also try to avoid cutting it too close. The last thing I need is a crash before Lake Placid.

My strategy worked very well and I managed to keep my spot in the middle of the pack that way without too much trouble. Overall it was a fast race and I got a good workout.

Today I ran 10.5 miles in the hills.
On Friday I rode 30 on my mountain bike.

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