Friday, November 14, 2008

Great swim

Today I had a great swim. I don't know why but it all seemed to fall or rather float in place. I felt like gliding in the water. I was buoyant and fast. Unbelievable. Instead of plodding, it was as if I was propelled forward by some unseen force. I have had short episodes like this before and I am sure this is what swimming feels like to those who know how to swim, but it rarely happens to me.

The odd thing is that I do not even feel tired. It was such a trip to feel power in my shoulders and arms without tiring. Almost as good as a bike ride.

I swam 1.25 miles, alternating between breast stroke and freestyle but both felt good. Especially the freestyle. No leg issues, no cramps, no tightness there. The only blemish on my masterpiece was that my shoulder did hurt every once in a while. I am afraid that if I try to swim competitively (or what passes for competitively in my book) for 2.4 miles I could be in for a nasty surprise.

Now I am pain free but my arm does feel a bit unstable. It is hard to describe exactly but it somehow feels not as secure as the other one. It is not a muscle issue or a joint issue per se. It is more a holistic feeling of looseness or lack of support. It is not too bad though and if it just stays there I can live with it. Cross your fingers.

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