Wednesday, November 12, 2008


My calves were a bit sore from yesterday's running so I decided to take it easy today and go for a swim. On Wednesday's the kids are home early from school so I took everybody to the pool. We were pretty much the only people there and we all swam a good distance. We were at the pool for about an hour and a half.

I swam 144 laps or slightly more than 1.5 miles. My right shoulder -the one with the AC joint separation- hurt a bit and it felt a bit unstable but overall I had a good time and swam reasonably fast. When I concentrate I can almost keep up with Alistair who is by now a pretty fast swimmer.

The ironman is  1.5 weeks away. As of last count, I raised $12,000 from 92 donors. I would really like to get to more than a 100 donors and $15K , but time is running out. Next Wednesday I leave for Arizona and fundraising will be essentially over by then. Send in your contributions now. It is for a good cause!

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