Saturday, November 1, 2008

On the treadmill

Another very wet day today. It was also time to see where I am at with my running. So I did a session on the treadmill and things look good. I was able to run 8.4 miles in one hour, which is just slightly better than my previous 1 hr "record"  of 8.3 on the machine. The distance includes warmup time. I just get on an run for an hour.

Given how hot I get and how much I sweat, a hour workout is pretty tough. Add to that that my treadmill is broken and I had to go to our club to run. 

The club has a great workout room but given the geriatric nature of its membership, the workout room is way too hot (>75F). A great place to train for Arizona, except that this year's Arizona Ironman is late in the year when temperatures are likely going to be much cooler.

Furthermore, the club people encased the thermostat so there is no way to adjust the setting. They don't have good fans either and the other members, whose workouts are limited to a 10 minute walk and a bit of weight lifting abhor fans or open windows.

After my run, which apparently burned 1,025 calories, I took a dip in the pool. That is just the best way to cool down.

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