Saturday, November 15, 2008


I rode 36 miles today. I rode the HED trispoke real wheel with a new freewheel and a new chain. That was the good part. When it comes to logistics things did not go so well. First, we were going to join the Sproul ride at 8:30, but then Alistair told me Mike was riding at noon instead so that sounded better and we waited. In the end, Mike did not ride -at least not with us, and Freddie, who was going to go at 12:15 did not show. We ended up standing around for about 10-15 minutes before the two of us took off alone.

We rode up Tunnel to Redwood, over S. Pinehurst to Moraga. It was quite windy and we rode a good pace. Then we went to Orinda and over Wildcat. All of it pretty fast. I finished it off with a solid ride to the Centennial intersection. Then it was all agony. By now I was pretty tired, and probably out of glycogen/sugar. Since I am not eating carbs this part can be painful. The climb up Grizzly was no fun but once we got over the top it was only a short distance to home.

In summary: 36 miles, 200W average, 244NP W, 1,790 calories. Total time, including the wait at the bottom of Tunnel: 2:24.

Less than 10 days to the Ironman. That means there is a weather forecast. So far it looks reasonable although clouds are expected sometime around the weekend. Let's hope Sunday is warm and sunny. However, given the inaccuracies of long term forecasting, we will just keep our fingers crossed for now.

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