Friday, November 28, 2008

Rollers and post hoc explanations

I decided to ride rollers today. The weather wasn't great and Alistair went to ride with his Team Specialized group in Pleasanton. Barbara went shopping and so I was home alone. I rode for about an hour at a fairly steady pace. I burned a good 1,050 calories, averaging 225W for the duration. It felt pretty good. My right knee hurt a tiny bit in the same spots where it did during the Ironman, but it was quite manageable and I had no trouble spinning.

It looks like I will keep my right toe nail but the one on the left is shot for sure. Everybody is offering explanations and helpful hints for this condition. They are telling me my shoes were too tight, or this and that and the other thing, but the truth is that I had the same shoes for the past five years. I have four pairs of Nike Air Kukini's and they are all the same size. I alternate from one pair to the other so all wear evenly, but I usually keep the white ones for races. I have run many races with these white shoes and most often nothing happens. A few times I have had black toenails.

Sometimes my big toe was black, but on other occasions another toe got hit. Sometimes the left one ate it but other times it happened on the right foot. Most of the time, however, I am fine and nothing happens. And just in case you wonder, the course in Tempe is pretty flat. No real down hills in it and certainly no long down hills. So sorry, my friends, these simple explanations won't cut it. We need better data, not a few spurious coincidences.

The other good news is that all soreness is gone now (it was mostly gone yesterday). I feel fine and I also slept well last night.

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