Wednesday, March 25, 2009

26.2 days to go

I got a message from the Boston marathon that read, 26.2 days to go to the 113th Boston marathon. How is that for originality? 

I am planning to run a whole lot more this week and next just to make sure I am ready.

Today I swam 2/3 of an Ironman swim in the morning (140 laps) and another 1/3 in the afternoon (72 laps). Overall I had the feeling I was doing very well. I think I have my "catch and pull" down and it seems to make a difference.

The only troubling fact is that my right shoulder starts hurting when I swim more than 1 1/2 miles. My right shoulder suffered a grade III AC separation last year. You can still put your finger on the tip of my clavicle and press down and it feels like pressing down on a piano key. Even so, it rarely hurts (apart from swimming and that is new) and it does not seem to limit my mobility much. It sometimes feels funny when I make certain movements but it does not really bother me.

I am not sure if this because:
1. I am doing something wrong. My swim position is off (not very likely, my position is probably better now than before).
2. I am using more power so the stress is greater. Compared to a year ago, I am putting in a lot more power now.
3. Something else happened to my shoulder (arthritis, micro-trauma, that too seems unlikely).

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