Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Listen to the coach

Read this in a recent publication. Advice for parents whose kids want to do triathlons. Get the right gear was the title. For the "RUN: A pair of good fitting running shoes. I recommend you spend the money for good shoes; it's cheaper than knee surgery later."

Wait a minute? Who said there is a connection between (bad) running shoes and knee injuries, requiring surgery? And what exactly are "good shoes?" I suspect most parents will read expensive shoes. Better buy expensive shoes for junior lest we have to pay for knee surgery later. The run-barefoot people would disagree.

Just an update on my recent activities:
Wed 3/18: 10.5 mile hilly run. Up Shepherd Canyon.
Thu 3/19: 7 mile run in the hills, at tempo
Fri 3/20: 1.5 mile swim. I was getting tired.
Sat 3/21: took Alistair to Sacramento for a race. Rode 40 minutes on rollers afterwards.
Sun 3/22: 8 mile run, over Grandview to backside trail.
Mon 3/23: 32 mile bike ride with the Specialized.
Today: 8 mile run, up Broadway Terrace to Skyline and back.

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