Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Swim, spin, swim

For a while we were thinking about driving to Monterey and do the CCX cross country race at Ford Ord. But neither Alistair nor I managed  to produce enough enthusiasm to make it happen. It is possible that the weather had something to do with it, because Sunday was cold, cloudy and rainy. After sitting around all morning, I decided to go to the pool and swim 3,000 meters.

After a good strong start, I slowed down considerably midway and near the end, it turned into a slog to the finish. Not fun. Seems like I will never feel my best in the water.

Yesterday was even worse. After spending the whole morning on a conference call, I couldn't get started and by the time I did there was barely more than an hour left before I had to pick up the kids. I ended up riding my rollers and that too turned into a drag. Without a functioning power meter, or even a speedometer for that matter, I had no idea how hard I was working. All I know is that it felt very hard. After an hour, exhausted, dehydrated, and ready to cramp up, I called it quits.

Today, the weather finally cleared up and the sun reappeared. I spent the morning writing and after lunch I decided to give the pool another try. I swam 160 laps, with only a brief pause at 80 and 120 to clear my mask. Overall it felt pretty good and I think I was doing well. I did not time my effort exactly but it appears I did the 160 in a little over an hour. For me, that is an excellent swim pace.

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