Monday, March 30, 2009

More updates

On Thursday I rode over Papa Bear and Happy Valley. I got a flat on the descent after I hit a major pothole. There was a crew working and a piece of road was missing but I could not see it because it was in the shade. When I did see it, it was too late.

On Friday I ran my 10.5 mi hilly loop over Shepherd Canyon. I think I am getting back in shape!

On Saturday I rode 40 miles to Castro Valley over Redwood. I was going really fast and my ergomo -sans speedometer because I lost the magnet somehow- registered 2,000 calories, 230W average power, 260NP.  So, it wasn't just subjective. I did ride fast. I completed the ride in 2:17, with two short stops (one at the golf course).

On Sunday, I took Alistair to the Ronde van Brisbeen. I ran the course in reverse, watching the masters 1,2,3 and the cat 4s. Alistair did really well. I ran 13.6 miles (8 loops) and became somewhat of a celebrity to the spectators, who started cheering me and taking pictures of me.

Today I swam 1.75 miles. The first 53 laps (1/4 IM) were fast, and even at lap 70 (1/3) I was well ahead of a 1:15 ironman pace. That is more than seven minutes off my best time. I am not sure if I can hold it that long, but it is the fastest I ever swam.

The latter half was a bit slower, but overall I did the 154 laps in just under 1 hour. My swim had definitely improved. I just want to confirm it for the record, somewhere in a timed event. The reason: more muscle, and maybe a tiny bit better positioning?

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