Thursday, March 10, 2011


The big news yesterday was of course the season opener for kermesse races, better known as kermiskoersen in Flanders. While Americans tend to think kermesse means race or local race, Belgians know there is more to a kermis than a bike race.

In any case, Steven Caethoven of Veranda's Willems won in Wanzele by beating out Klaas Lodewyck in a five man sprint at the end of a 170 km event marred by rain and wind. An eleven man breakaway started at 35 km and held on to the end, when five made a final break from the break. The leader was quoted as saying,"This feels really good, the first win is always the most difficult."

And here is another gas picture to lighten your day. Yes gas is expensive -for Americans that is, Europeans would think it is a bargain. Please don't send any whining letters complaining about high gas prices. I too do not like to pay more, but in the end I think we should. We should pay A LOT MORE for gas.

The solution? Drive less. It is healthier and better for the environment.

Over $4 a gallon!


Brendon G said...

Hey, great coverage! I'm planning on heading over in June, can I get your email to ask a few questions and get some advice?

Thanks a bunch!

Also, I have my Campagnolo Eurus wheels setup tubeless with Specialized s-works tubeless tires and stans sealant. I can't notice any sealant sloshing around during cornering, only rolling the wheel off the bike can I hear the sealant moving in the tire.

Frank Eeckman said...