Sunday, March 6, 2011


This defunct furniture was dumped on Marlborough Terrace in the Oakland hills yesterday. It was witnessed by a neighbor who told the offenders she would call the police. She did but nobody cares or maybe the City thinks this is a suitable art nouveau installation? That is Oakland for you.

I took a break yesterday. Unfortunately, it is raining today. Kreitler Rollers of course: 1hr 15 minutes, 1,205 calories.

art installation on Marlborough Terrace

Also tried this Belgian beer recently: St Feuillien. It is now pretty big in California. A Tripel much like Tripel Karmeliet but I prefer the latter. 

St. Feuillien in a generic glass
Finally, congrats to Thomas De Gendt, a big victory in Paris Nice! Alberto also showed his mettle in the Tour of Murcia.

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